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About Us

 Byerk trade / REAKS Textile Istanbul in established in 2007 developed itself during this time as a family clothing company with all the necessary equipments and staff. Adding a deep experience with the United States and later with the European market such as the Netherlands, Denmark, France, Austria, Belgium and Germany . We have proven ourselves in high quality fashion brands such as in knit, cotton T-shirt, tracksuits, bottom and top, dresses, sweater t-shirts, blouses, shirts, pants, skirts and jackets among other outdoor clothing.


    Within this highly competitive market we have always given and continue to give our customers remarkably vying prices so our customers will be able to experience service in the fastest way of high-quality textile production among their competitors


    Our joint venture is in the production of denim producing company and is able to hard/heavy wash and detail all kind clothing.


    With knitwear and leather we are able to cooperate with other companies on productions of knitwear and leather products.


    In addition, byerk is following up on fabric trends in the United States and European market following the season collections, making presentations of their collections and trends prepared by the fabric. ''

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